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PS Wood Finishing Ltd.

Custom Kitchens, Wood Refinishing/Restoration
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At PS Wood Finishing Ltd., we specialize in:
  • High Quality Custom Kitchen Manufacturing
  • Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Refinsihing
  • Wood Furniture Finishing/Refinishing, Restoration
Custom Kitchen Manufacturing:
Only the highest quality materials are used at PS Wood Finishing to help make your dream kitchen come true, at extremely competitive prices. Everything is custom made, so there isn't anything we cannot do. We can directly work with you to design your kitchen, or we can work directly with your chosen designer or architect.
Solid and paint-grade wood kitchens are our speciality. However, we can work with any material you desire. Any colour and any wood type can be used.
Years of experience will help us create the perfect kitchen for you to enjoy for years to come.
We welcome all homeowners, contractors, designers, and architects to Contact Us so that we can begin working with you to create the perfect kitchen.

To see more photos visit our Photo Gallery.


Not only do we create brand new custom kitchens, we can also rejuvenate older kitchens and other wood furniture that just need a fresh look. We can take your old dated wood kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets, or any other wooden furniture piece you can bring us (such as tables, chairs, dressers, etc...) prepare them as necessary, and then Paint (solid colour or antique finish) or Stain them a beautiful, modern, new finish.


We can work with any type of wood.


You've already invested so much money on purchasing your valuable wood furniture. Which you probably still love, but is scratched, dented, or just has a dated finish. Bring us your crafted wood pieces, and we'll make you fall in love with them again, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

We can paint or stain with virtually any colour you can think of. Simply bring us any colour swatch or you can pick from our catalogues. Once you have picked a colour, we will do a test sample for you. Only cnce you are satisfied with the colour and finish of the test sample, we will then complete the project.

We use some of the best spraying technology to spray your pieces so the paint or stain looks uniform, with no brush marks or streaks. Also, you don't have to worry about prepping anything; we will take your piece, strip and sand it as necessary, and finish it to look brand new.



Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:
Another service we provide is kitchen refacing. Refacing is another way to bring new life to your kitchen. If you are happy with your current kitchen layout and the cabinet boxes are still in good shape, you can simply change the cabinet doors for a new and fresh look. A new door design, new colour, and perhaps some new molding, and you have new kitchen.






We can paint or stain with virtually any colour you can think of. Simply bring us any colour swatch or you can pick from our catalogues.

To keep our costs down, which in-turn lowers the cost to you, our valued customers, we encourage our customers to deliver and pick-up all pieces. We are centrally located with the Greater Toronto Area, and easily accessible from major highways, which makes this easy.

See why if you choose to have PS Woodfinishing bring your old, but still valuable, wood pieces back to life, you too will become a valued, and return, customer.






PS Wood Finishing Ltd.

(416) 636-3655
4053 Chesswood Drive,

North York, Ontario

M3J 2R8